Lessons from Denmark - Action At Home

With the support of Scan Design Foundation, hundreds of elected officials, city planners and bicycle planners from the Pacific Northwest have been able to experience world class bicycle infrastructure for themselves on i-SUSTAIN study tours to Denmark. Joined with local business leaders and NGO executive directors, this has led to continually improving bicycle structure in the PNW region.

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Sep 24, 2021

Advancing Research to Treat Pain

Since 2005, Scan Design Foundation has supported innovative pain research by UW Medicine. In this blog, three UW researchers who were this year's Scan Design Foundation award recipients, Dr. David Marcus, Dr. Jay Parrish and Dr. Jia Zhu, are interviewed by Dr. Tonya Palermo from UW Department of Anesthesiology & Pain Medicine.

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Aug 17, 2021

Capitol Hill Public Life: How can public spaces better create connection, support public health, and promote environmental resilience for everyone?

Scan Design Foundation partners with COurban to create custom Masterclass programs with hands-on learning in Copenhagen, Denmark. In the 2019 program, participants visit Copenhagen and Malmö, Sweden to study world-renowned public spaces and bring home inspiration and actionable strategies to the Capitol Hill EcoDistrict.

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May 31, 2021

Lessons from Denmark, Action at Home

As a long-standing partner of Scan Design Foundation, i-SUSTAIN, a Seattle-based firm specializing in urban sustainability, has actively been working to bring best practices in sustainability from Denmark to the U.S.

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Apr 19, 2021

Danish Design Lecture Series

A virtual lecture series on Danish Design by the UW College of Built Environments is now available online. The series is from a course funded by Scan Design Foundation in Autumn 2020. Some of the most innovative Danish architects, landscape architects, and furniture designers in Denmark today are featured in the series.

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Mar 08, 2021

Scan Design Foundation: Genesis and the Early Years

Scan Design Foundation was created by Inger and Jens Bruun to foster and support Danish-American Relations and to provide financial support for pain research.

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Feb 01, 2021

Scan Design Foundation Announces Latest Cycle of Grants

Awarding a total of $2,400,000 to a dozen grantees this investment will provide critical support for US-based non-profit organizations and academic programs to continue the exchange between Denmark and the US.

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Jan 11, 2021

KD i DK - Krista Doersch in Denmark

When I returned to Copenhagen again this August for the ScanDesign internship, I looked up the Københavns Roklub (KR) and asked if I could join.

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Nov 30, 2020

Student life – Fall 2020 UW Madison

All in all, it is a semester that is very different from what I had hoped for. This is not necessarily a bad thing. I am in the epicenter of the corona infection, in the midst of an unparalleled election and a movement for racial justice.

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Oct 13, 2020

A Fall Update

As I write this from my home in Seattle, WA. in mid-September, I’m reflecting on this year of restricted movements, where I’ve rarely left my neighborhood zip code, let alone travel across the Atlantic to Denmark. Seven months into this global pandemic, we are now in the waning days of summer and fall is fast approaching.

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Sep 15, 2020